Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Great Find

My husband and I were given this beautiful plant as an appreciation gift for our volunteer service at church. Since it's an annual, I thought it needed to have a little plant stand so it could take up residence on our little front porch.

"Let's go to Good Will and look for one" my husband suggested. With serious misgivings I agreed, and off we went. I believe I said something to the affect, "I don't hold out much hope for finding a plant stand at Good Will."

That's how much I know. He rummaged around in the housewares section while I looked for decorative things, and sure enough, he found a cute little wrought iron planter. It was in serious need of cleaning and a new paint job, but otherwise in good condition. Sold! I wish I had taken a "before" picture.

This is what it looked like after my husband finished sprucing it up.

Isn't this tile cute?

I love all the little decorative swirls and curls.

Here it is in its new home - doing a lovely job of "plant-holding".