Monday, June 1, 2009


I am in need of some help from those of you who use laptops. I've been saving my pennies for a long time now and am almost ready to purchase one. I can't wait!!! I have visions of being able to sit and blog just anywhere I want to. How great is that?

However, as the time approaches to actually make the purchase I find myself in the usual state of affairs - confused. Everyone I ask recommends a different make. I really just want something dependable. I plan to keep my desktop computer, but I think I'll use the laptop most of the time.

The salesman today recommended Dell. My cousin's son, who is a computer supply person, said he would recommend an H.P. Of course there are others too. I'm just not sure which way to go.

So...if you have a favorite, could you tell me which one it is? I promise I won't threaten dire consequences if it doesn't work well for me. I just thought I would ask my friends for some advice. I'll take responsibility for the final decision :-)

Thanks so much.


  1. I have a Dell desk top computer and I do like it. Sorry, I don't know about lap tops. Loved the little plant stand. Makes me want to go look at a thrift store (o:

  2. We have Dell both for laptop and desktop.

  3. I used to buy Compaq and then switched to Dell years ago. Our Dells have been trouble free. My dad had a Dell desktop and a Toshiba laptop, mom has Dell...I too am looking for a laptop...I am leaning toward Dell.

  4. I don't have Dell, but having run the tech support dept. of a competitor, I can vouch for the quality of the support you get from Dell. Unless things have changed dramatically, it cannot be touched in terms of service and quality.

  5. I have a Dell laptop, and have been very happy with it.

  6. I woudl have to agree go dell. We had HP, gateway and Dell. They all worked great. But on those few occations when we did have problems the Dell tech support was the best.
    What ever you choose I'm sure you will really enjoy. It is nice to be able to sit on the porch on a beautiful afternoon and read blogs from friends.

  7. Sounds like DELL is the winner so far. However, I just want to mention that we had one several years ago and had a problem with the keyboard going bad. They may have improved since then though. We currently have an Acer Extensa 5220 which we've had for about a year now. It's been great...even survived a milk spill a few months back. Whatever you get, I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!

  8. I am computer stupid! So sorry no help here! But I can pray that you be led to the right one! That is actually better than my own two cents even if I did not something about them. HAHA!
    Praying you find the perfect laptop! Amen!

  9. I have a Toshiba Satellite with a wide screen. I don't think it's too bad, but most people tell me Dell is the best. I feel the one I have was a good price for me. It has Windows Vista which I hope they've improved. There have been lots of problems with that for many folks.

    At any rate, I love having my own laptop and I'm sure you will too.

  10. I have an acer. And I sit here and blog in the evenings while hubby watches sports on t.v. or reads his books. I haven't had any trouble with it, except the sound going off once or twice.

    I would recommend that you just go to a computer store and take your time checking them out. Try each one and get a feel for it.
    Good luck!

    Thank you so much for your prayers for hubby and me. I am Wendy, who Annette blogged about tonight. My hubby has emphysema (copd) and is not doing very well. I know your prayers reached him today, as he is feeling better. This disease is a real rollercoaster ride, so I appreciate any support I receive from our wonderful blogging community.
    Hugs (oh, I like your quilt!)

  11. Linda, first of all...I truly love your new look! :D

    Well, I got a laptop for Christmas and mine is Toshiba...I can't really say how it compares to others but I do think it's great!
    Yes, you will absolutely love having a laptop,'s one of those luxuries you get that after a few weeks, you wonder how you survived without it!
    ~Tammy PS...the books you are reading in your sidebar sound great- I especially am intrigued by "Life of a Pioneer Woman"!

  12. Hello dear Linda:-)

    I just recently bought myself a laptop and after shopping around, I finally bought a Toshiba and so far it's been working perfectly! I had only heard good things about it plus the price was right:-) I still use my desktop computer but it's also nice to be able to use the laptop, especially when away on holiday!! xoxo

  13. Hmm Jason and I had two dells for a while..loved them, then I got an acer earlier this year and it is great so far.

    I'm with everyone else support is truly can't go wrong with them.

    Hope you get a good one!

    Love, jess

  14. Maybe you remember my son and his nightmare with his Dell laptop last September.... Their customer service was diabolical. He has an HP and is very happy with it. My daughter loves her Sony Vaio. Me?? I dream of ANY laptop!!