Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am a dreamer – or more accurately put – a day dreamer; always have been. With very little prompting, I can take a little sliver of a thought and build from it a magnificent mansion. For example, years ago I joined a writer’s group in our church. With very little encouragement my mind began dancing with visions of writing the next great American novel. Several rejection letters later, I felt as though I was standing amid the ruins of my lofty dream.

One would think that after six decades of living, the practical side of my nature would be a bit more developed. In many ways it is, but I still have the heart of a dreamer. In spite of troubles I could not have imagined ever having the strength to endure; it still beats with that hopeful rhythm.

I got to thinking about the people whose lives God has chosen to share with us through the pages of scripture. Were any of them dreamers? As it turns out, I believe many of them were. For example there were Jesus’ disciples. They had a dream that one day Jesus would free them from the tyranny of Roman rule and establish his kingdom. Surely they all dreamed of the places of honor they would occupy as His chosen ones. Instead they saw that dream die a shameful death on a cross one fateful Friday... read more here at Laced With Grace. Blessings,