Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Saga Continues

I thought we had probably seen the last of the little fawn. The afternoon of the second day, my husband became really concerned about the him (He has decided the fawn is a "him".). It was so hot, and he had been there all day long.

So he filled a little bowl with water and carefully made his way outside. Very slowly he tippy-toed in the direction of the fawn, and suddenly that baby, whose legs had appeared rather wobbly when we first saw him, took off like a shot. He managed to get through the barbed-wire fence and took off up the side of the road. We couldn't find him anywhere.

I was worried that he had hurt himself trying to get through the fence and looked for him the rest that day and all through the next. No sign of him anywhere.

Then this morning I got up and looked out the bedroom window and there he was - snoozing under the oak tree again. I was relieved to think that all had been forgiven and he was giving us a second chance.

My husband was in the living room, so I hurried to out to deliver the good news. Of course he already knew, and he had news of his own - the Mama and Papa were in the back yard! I carefully walked to the window, and sure enough, there they were sitting peacefully in the shade.

Now I know what you're thinking, because, truthfully, I thought the same thing. Deer don't mate for life or anything - do they? Perhaps not, but it made us feel happy to think that they were a family.

We could hardly eat our breakfast. We kept hopping up to check and see if they were still there. When it was time to go for our walk, we very quietly walked down the sidewalk and out to the road without terrifying any of them.

They were all gone when we got back home. So....I am just going to continue thinking of them as a happy little family unit, safely tucked away for the day in a sheltered place.

This was the only picture I was able to get. This is the Papa (his antlers haven't grown in yet). Mama is hiding behind our decrepit shed.

Have a blessed weekend. I'll keep you posted.