Saturday, June 13, 2009

Keeping My Eyes on Him

This is rather typical of me. I no sooner declare I am taking a break and here I am back again. But this one is really just for me - one of those moments I need to record so I don't forget. So often something happens, and I think I will never forget. And inevitably, I do. So this one is for me....

As I was walking this morning I was praying - praying about the things I daily bring before the Lord. Big things. Things that only a miracle will answer. I have prayed these prayers for such a long time, I really began to question whether I should just stop asking and accept things the way they are.

Then the words of song began to run through my mind:

"I have made You too small in my eyes,
O Lord, forgive me.
And I have believed in a lie,
That You were unable to help me.
But now O Lord I see my wrong
Heal my heart and show Yourself strong
And in my heart and with my song
O Lord be magnified.

Be magnified O Lord.
You are highly exalted.
And there is nothing You can't do
O Lord my eyes are on You.
O Lord be magnified."

I believe with all my heart it was a gentle reminder from the Holy Spirit - "Keep your eyes on Him; there is nothing He can't do."

Yes Father - I have taken my eyes off You and looked squarely at the circumstances. Truly, there is nothing You can't do. Thank You for loving me so much You would take the time to encourage me and lift my spirit once again.