Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another Day in the Hospital

My Dad is back in the hospital. He went for his dialysis treatment this morning and the nurse was alarmed to discover his heartbeat was very rapid. They put off dialysis and told him to get to the emergency room.

So we got one of "those" early morning calls, and off we went. Dad has been to the hospital so often in the past eighteen months the nurses all know him by name. They are so sweet and concerned. There is something about my Mom and Dad that just makes everyone want to adopt them. They can't have them though - they're ours.

Life is precious - at any age. After sixty-three years of marriage my Dad can hardly bear to be separated from his bride for even one night. He calls her frequently just to hear her voice.

Their faith has been a strong foundation for our family for many, many years. It has sustained us all during those times we thought we just couldn't survive. We, each child, grandchild and great-grandchild, know that they pray for us by name every morning when they have their devotions together. And we, in turn, pray for them.



  1. Oh, friend Linda. I've lifted a prayer on your behalf, praying He bathes you in peace and *joy* this day.

    What a blessing to have been prayed over by such saints- I've prayed for your parents as well. They sound so dear- I know they are.

    I send love!

  2. Linda---I love that kind of love. That's what the Father has for us...and Jesus has for the Bride...US again!

    I hope he is doing better!

    Love you! (Thanks for your sweet words of encouragement!)

  3. My parents will celebrate their 63rd next month - we have much in common in that area. Blessed with parents still with us, who pray for all of us.

    I hope it's cooling off a bit for you!

  4. So sorry Linda, praying here. Your dad sounds like a gem *hugs*

  5. Sorry to hear about your dad! I will pray!

  6. How did I miss before this post that your dad was on dialysis?

    Praying even now...

  7. Praying for you all, dear friend.

  8. Sorry your Dad is sick again. That is so hard. My hubbies parents are in MO. 500 miles away. They are in their late 80s. So far they have not had any bag illnesses. I don't think we are prepared.
    I enjoyed catching up on your posts. I liked what you had to say on the Little house author. I need to read some of her stuff. I am going to look for the books at garage sales for my little reader. (o:

  9. Prayers being said now for your father and your family. It's always hard when our parents are ill or in the hospital. But what struck me most about this post and actually made me smile was his love for his wife. How sweet after all these years to not want to be apart from one another.

  10. Hope your Dad is feeling a little better by now. What a tough year and half it's been for him. Saying a little prayer for him.
    It's nice to be back, reading blogs. I've missed yours! You always have such beautiful words and thoughts to share.

  11. My prayers are with your dad, dear Linda, as he spends more time in the hospital. Hopefully they can get his heart rate back to normal and find out what is causing it. You are so blessed to still have both your parents with you and no doubt they are so proud of the family they made through their love for each other. xoxo