Monday, July 13, 2009

A Watered Garden

We have gone from extreme drought conditions in our part of the country to extraordinary drought. We are desperate for rain. The heat from the sun is unrelenting - triple digit weather for days - making it difficult for anything to survive. Our lawns are drying up and water restrictions allow for watering only once a week. With so little water, it is a losing battle. The grass is turning brown; it is dying.

We are allowed to water with a hand-held hose, and while there is simply too much lawn to make that possible, I have been drenching the flowers in my little flower bed with life-giving liquid whenever they begin to droop. They are doing well. In spite of the conditions surrounding them, they continue to grow - a picture of life in the midst of devastating circumstances.

They are a visual reminder of what the Lord wants to do in my life. There are times of drought; times when circumstances overwhelm and I struggle just to make it through the day. The assault can seem relentless at times...

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  1. Wonderful again, Linda. Your words nourish my spirit.

    I am so sorry you are such a severe condition. Even though we had drought for several years, it was not this bad, at least not here on the front range. When I was in your area 8 years ago for the convention, it rained so hard that they had to close the canals, and we were stranded in Dallas overnight because planes couldn't get in and out. I trust you soon get something between these two extremes!

  2. I was looking at my dying grass and shriveled drought tolerant flowers yesterday, that is a picture of me when I am not in the Word and prayer.

  3. wow. here we are crying for heat while it rains and rains and rains and we shiver with cold and use our winter blankets... and in another part of the continent, people are cooking and dry, dry, dry. I wish I could send you some rain and some refreshing. I also wish you could send me some warmth and sunshine *meek smile*. Such is life. In light of your predicament one can't help but be thankful for the rain though, even though I fear summer will be over before it's begun.