Monday, August 24, 2009


Update: I have decided to join Holley in her "Joy Challenge" (she graciously said I could). The challenge is for the next forty days to look for the joy in the day and then write about it. Holley is on day 2; this will be day 1 for me. I think you will enjoy reading Holley's blog. She is a gifted writer and has such a sweet spirit.

Ann has broadened the picture of a grateful heart to include one overflowing with joy. It isn't hard to find joy in our every day world if we are looking with an eye to giving thanks. Slowing down just a bit and taking the time to look closely has reminded me of the miraculous creativity of the Lord. What delight He must take in His creation. He could have just created the "bare necessities," just given us what we needed to survive. Instead He filled the heavens and the earth with beauty that takes our breath away. The color, variety and intricate detail of every living thing is nothing short of miraculous.

Look closely at these carnations - the delicate pedals, the soft colors, the dark green of the stems;

tiny miracles.

The Lord didn't confine His creativity to the earth, He spread out the heavens like a canvas and filled them with such a multitude of heavenly bodies we cannot even begin to number them. He not only made them unique and beautiful, He gave each one a name.

"He counts the number of the stars;
He gives names to all of them."
Psalm 147:4

The wonderful part, to me, is that the Lord created us in His image. That means that each of us has that same creative spirit built into our hearts. For some it is painting beautiful works of art, others use words. There is an infinite number of ways we can be creative. The things we create become something special when we give them back to Him. As Ann once said to me, "We offer it back as a gift to Him." What fulfillment! What joy!

Thank you Father for the beauty of creation.