Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joy Challenge - Days Two and Three

I am doing two days' worth of joy so that I can catch up with Holley - who is on day three.

This morning my husband and I had time to kill between appointments in town. We drove several blocks, found a great parking space (that isn't the joy - but it sure was happy-making), and descended the stairs down to the Riverwalk.

It is a bit like entering a different country. In this season of terrible drought, it was so refreshing to see the river sparkling in the sunlight, hear the gentle splashing of the water that fell from the little waterfall, and see the lush plants and flowers along the banks of the river. There weren't many people out and about, and we enjoyed walking along the little sidewalk.

We made our way to Starbucks and then took our coffee (him) and latte (me) outside. We found a little table in the shade and sat soaking in the peace and beauty. The riverboats made their way past us - the conversation of the drivers and passengers floating on the breeze.

It was a joy to just sit for a while with my favorite person and take in the lovely day.

The other gift of joy was doing our volunteer work at church. We have a huge choir and the music that we are going to rehearse on Wednesday evening has to be placed in each of the 372 music folders. That is our job - my husband, friend Jane and me. This is our third year working together. We have such a good time. The music staff walks in and out periodically taking the time to chat for a few minutes. They really are all terrific people.

Isn't it amazing the way the Lord works. You decide to do something for Him and He in turn blesses you in ways you could never imagine. Pure joy!