Friday, August 7, 2009


I have been in the doldrums, adrift on a sea of hot summer days that seemed to stretch to the horizon. Then, like a freshening breeze, a phone call from a treasured friend with an invitation to lunch.

We sat around her beautifully set dining room table today, six women who have forged a friendship over many years. Busy lives don't allow us to get together very often. We hadn't seen each other since our Christmas lunch in this same room, but it was as though we had never been apart.

We shared laughter, conversation and good food. We played games and caught up on all the news. I sat and savored the sound of words and laughter flowing into and around each other, and I thought how different this was from other gatherings I have attended. I am ashamed to think of the critical, judgemental words that peppered those conversations - the gossip (for there is no pretty word for it). We can disguise it as "just sharing", but it leaves such a bad taste in the mouth.

These friends are God's precious gifts to me. They call me to go higher and deeper. I am so thankful for their Godly influence in my life. We spent the last hour and a half together in prayer - each one taking her turn to sit in the little rocking chair as the others laid hands on her and prayed. What a blessing. Thank You Father for such friends.