Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Sink (almost)

It is five o'clock and he's heading down the home stretch. What should have been a two hour job has taken my poor husband the whole day. Actually, I am not surprised. Somehow it seems that these "simple" jobs have a way of complicating themselves.

Can you tell from the picture that the sink does not quite fit? Therein lies the problem. We have a custom counter - and the opening wasn't the right size for this new sink.

So it was back to filing, sawing, filing, sawing.....you get the idea.

At long last - success!! It isn't quite finished, but the rest should be smooth sailing - should being the operative word.

It is beautiful - much deeper and so nice and shiny. My old sink had gotten rather dull after all those years of faithful service.

My contribution to this project was going to Home Depot for silicone caulking. Running true to form, I had to go back and exchange it. The one I got was old and hard. Who knew? I don't think I've ever been sent to Home Depot on one of these errands and gotten it right the first time. At least this time I only had to go back once.

I am thankful for a patient, skilled husband who has worked very hard today.



  1. It seems as though those "easy" jobs never turn out that way. And Home Depot - please don't send me!!!

  2. Beautiful sink, Linda! That can go on the gratitudes list this week! Your husband did a great job! I know what you mean about Home Depot... They're really nice there...but so many times something's not quite right... The smaller hardware stores, (if they have what I need)also give me the best advice. But... sometimes it comes with a higher price...
    It's a wash sometimes, since I spend $$ going back and forth to H.D.!
    You'll love the nice depth of the sink.
    The kitchen's the heart of the home! Enjoy!
    ps. I've had RAVE reviews on the rhubarb cake! For the third cake, I used 3 cups of rhubarb... that one came so moist!
    Thanks so much, Linda (and your mom too)... We're all BIG fans of this cake!

  3. Isn't it funny how the simple jobs usually are the most time consuming...have a blessed day!

  4. Amen! Your husband is a jewel! It all loooks beautiful!

  5. My hubby has given up sending me to Home Depot for anything of that sort. Lovely new sink.

  6. oh... isn't it lovely?? So delighted for you!

  7. It looks great. Funny that you had to go exchange what you got. That would be me (o:

  8. Yes, I think I spent half an hour last night ripping out seams in my latest skirt...it should be so easy! Your sink looks nice!

  9. Very nice looking sink and faucet! I wonder if it'll help make washing dishes just a tad bit more enjoyable....;-)
    And, if it makes your husband feel any better...house projects always seem to take us much longer than expected too.

  10. Hi Linda, just a disclaimer, the book has many things which I have taken with a grain of salt. And it also has some sections that look like they encourage manipulation, (just so you don't think I am going for it hook, line, and sinker!) But definitely some great points.

  11. I was just in Lowes yesterday and let me tell you, I was like a deer in the headlights! Good for you and your husband for completing that task and it looks so very nice!

  12. What a blessing handy husbands are! And a blessing that our empty nests bring a little more breathing room in the budgets. :)

    It does look nice and I would like the deeper sink. We've started talking about a kitchen remodel after the first of the year. First wanted to move, then looked at prices and decided our current home is very nice, thank you very much!

  13. I think it's Murphy's Law that a simple job never ends up being simple! lol Just this morning I was working on something that should have taken just a few minutes...3 hours later I was finally done!!! Your new sink does look wonderful, though, and no doubt it will be a pleasure to wash dishes in it...really! lol xoxo

  14. Because of my arthritis, my contribution to every project is "errand girl." By now, I know just about everyone who works at both Home Depot and Lowes. The employees I've befriended there are very helpful, but that doesn't mean that it's only one trip per project!