Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Joy Challenge - Day Four "I Love Today"

One of my very favorite Gospel singers is the beautiful Janet Paschal. The songs she sings and writes always touch my heart. The best part, for me, is that her life is an expression of her love for the Lord; she's the real deal.

I popped in one of her CDs this morning as I did some work around the house. Every song ministers to me in some way, and this one just makes me feel joyful:


I love mornings when they sparkle, evenings when they shine.
Coffee when it's hot and fresh tomatoes from the vine.
Seasons when they change and memories that stay.
Oh I love today.

I love laughing for no reason, secrets with a friend
Symphonies outdoors and a sultry summer wind.
An eagle when it flies and a holiday parade.
Oh I love today.

I am blessed beyond measure and my kind of treasure
Is more than Rockefeller can buy.
If tomorrow it ended, I'd still recommend it 'cause I've had a wonderful ride.
Won't look back and remember what I'd like to forget
Or worry 'bout the future that isn't here yet, I guess
What I'm really trying to say
I love today.

I love making homemade ice cream on a Sunday afternoon
Crickets in the evening and staring at the moon.
Clever conversation and children when they pray
Oh I love today.

That sums it up for me perfectly. Joy!!


I wish I had been able to find the audio of this song. The tune is just absolutely joyful.


  1. I haven't heard this song, but what wonderful words!

  2. I love the words to that song! Just perfect...I haven't heard it yet! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love that song! It really does help a person to feel more blessed when they read beautiful words like this...a reminder that we have so much go be grateful for!

    Linda, don't forget to add yourself to my follower list...I'm hosting a game in a few weeks, and would love for you to win!

  4. Yep That sums it up about perfectly! Beautiful Words!