Friday, August 28, 2009

Joy Challenge - Day Six - Showers of Blessing

When we lived up north rain was something very low on my priority list - except in hopes that it wouldn't ruin some planned outdoor activity. Since moving to Texas twenty-seven years ago, it has shot up on the list of things I think and pray about. There have been times I've stood outside under a blazing sun pleading with the Lord to send rain.

No time has ever been as desperate as this summer. We have had the driest couple of years in weather-keeping history. I've watched the grass, trees and flowers turn brown and die over the course of the last several months. Lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks - all are either at record low levels or completely dry. It makes me sad to look at the scenery whenever we go for a ride.

How we have prayed for rain. Last night the lightning flashed, the thunder rolled, the wind picked up and finally, finally the rain fell. It is the best rain we have had in weeks and weeks. It measured an inch in the rain gauge! My husband and I stood outside in the dark on the front porch and watched it pour down.

Joy, joy, joy!! Thank You Lord for Your faithful provision. Even when it seems as though heaven has turned a deaf ear to our prayers, You are working on our behalf. Truly, You never leave us nor forsake us. In every little detail of our lives - You are there.

We took my Dad for a second opinion on his arm today. We were praying that more surgery would not be necessary. He has been through so much in recent months. We prayed, but I think we were all secretly thinking the worst.

We breathed a collective sigh of relief and thanks when the Vascular Surgeon said he thought it would be all right just to leave things as they are. He said with more physical therapy the swelling might go down. If it doesn't, that's all right too. There is no imminent danger.

What joy to know we have a Father who cares for us. Who bends down to listen when we pray and then works on our behalf.


picture flickr:eva8