Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Joy Challenge - Day Ten - Hannah

This is Hannah. She is one of my five beautiful granddaughters. She is six years old and is in first grade this year. She has the sweetest little pixie face and precious chestnut colored curls.

I talked to her Daddy (my younger son - whom I can't believe is all grown up and a Daddy) yesterday and asked how school was going. I was especially concerned about Hannah because school wasn't at the top of her list of favorite things to do last year. I'm not sure it was even on the list.

Daddy said she was doing really well. She has apparently found her niche. She has taken charge! She tells everyone when its time to get in line and corrects anyone who hasn't done it just right. She organizes and reminds and instructs and has generally made herself unofficial teacher's assistant.

I love it! It is so Hannah. Grandchildren are an absolute joy. There is no doubt about it. I wish I had been able to just relax and enjoy my children the way I am enjoying these five girls and two boys. I think they are the reward for slugging it out in the trenches of parenthood. They are a precious treasure that make this season of life rich and rewarding. I highly recommend it.



  1. A grandmother sees those precious things so beautifully, from the quiet of a long-tended nest. She is lovely.

  2. Linda, Hannah is so adorable! You are so fortunate to have beautiful grandchildren ... as they are to have you for their grandmother.
    All the best for her school year ahead,

  3. So beautiful! I'm enjoying your series on joy, Linda! It is beautiful as well:)

  4. She is just adorable! I love it that she's enjoying her new role as teacher's assistant! She sounds somewhat like Care Bear!

  5. Hannah is a delight, Linda! And now, because of Missy's arrival, I can say that I KNOW what joy our granddaughters bring too! My little granddaughter just has to turn her sparkly eyes towards me,and I am a puddle. Sigh. Who knew it would be so wonderful!!!

  6. I just caught the previous one on FB and don't know how I missed you. You have such a gift, dear Linda.

  7. Oh, she's beautiful! And what a precious smile. She looks adorable in that white dress.
    I love my little grandsons dearly, but oh, what I'd give for a little granddaughter! Our youngest daughter is my last best hope :)
    I had the joy of our grandniece for a week, and it was such wonderful fun. Of course, the little boy was a joy too :)