Sunday, October 11, 2009


"Contentment is actually about wanting more - more of Christ and less of everything else. It's not to roll over and sigh with resignation to be satisfied with your lot in life, but it is to sense in your spirit all that you have in your salvation and relationship with Christ and to want more of that. A holy contentment is to want less of yourself and more of Him - more of His life in you and all the peace and passion and exhilaration of being swept up into His plans and purposes and activities in this world. This is the life abundant that He promises to those who are found in Him and draw their joy and satisfaction from an ever-deepening relationship with Him (John 10:10)
James MacDonald "Lord, Change My Attitude"

My Dad is doing a bit better - working to get his strength back. Thank you, dear friends, for your prayers.

I have been "camped out" on this song recently - playing it over and over at full volume. Oh how it blesses my soul!