Thursday, October 8, 2009

Some Thoughts on Prayer

It is time to take a little break from blogging - just until life settles down a bit for us. My Dad is taking little steps toward regaining his strength. We are thankful - to our heavenly Father and to you who have so faithfully carried us with your prayers and encouraging words.

I'm not sure why it is, but it seems that in times of great difficulty I find it hard to quiet my heart and spend time with the Lord. There are those brief prayers that are cries for help, but I feel incapable of sitting quietly to pray and read the word. There is so much going on, and when the quiet moments come my mind reels with all the "what ifs".

Years ago, when I had major back surgery for scoliosis, I was flat on my back for weeks. I had planned to spend lots of time drawing close to the Lord. The reality was, I couldn't even really pray. The same is true when I walk through the most difficult of circumstances. My initial reaction is to withdraw from the very One I need most.

It is the reason the prayers of others mean so much. For those times when I am not able to pray, they are interceding on my behalf.

I don't do well if it goes on too long - this "prayerlessness". I feel so distanced from the Lord - so lost and empty - and ashamed of myself for drifting away. He never moves. He is always just a whisper away. I am the one who wanders. When I finally reach out to Him, He draws me close. His love and grace overwhelm me.



  1. I've come back many times to that verse that talks about the Holy Spirit interceding for us with groans. There have been times when I was so overwhelmed and did not know how to, or what to pray. He understands, and you're right, He never moves. He's right there. Sometimes it's okay I think just to curl up beside Him and just be there with Him. Remind yourself that he knows you are but dust and loves you, day by day, with whatever you bring to Him, even if it's just your heart and not words.

  2. That is what the Body of Christ is all about - praying for those who are unable to at a time in their lives - we've definitely experienced those prayers and they have saved our spiritual lives!

    I'll miss you so, but trust you'll be back with your very special thoughts and words.

    I am thankful that God has given your family more time with your dear dad!

  3. I so understand what you mean about prayer. I struggle with it too. Why is that? I love him so and want to do it, but there is so much in the way. Keep striving and reaching towards his hand... I guess that is what all drowning people do.

  4. God Bless you and keep you as you take care of yourself, Linda and your father.
    I am giving thanks because my father finally got a hearing aid! I've had two phone calls with him that have been so repeating! so happy!
    I think I understand a little bit how you feel, Linda. Sometimes my head is just so filled with to-do's ...especially when giving care to others in need,'s difficult to get quiet.
    Keeping you in prayer...
    May you receive the strength and 'manna' required for each day~

  5. Linda--I will miss you, my sweet friend! But I know how precious time is, and sometimes it is necessary to draw away from all that distracts and draw closer to Him. I will pray for your father, and also that this time is sweet.

    love you,


  6. So glad your dad is slowly getting better.
    I know when I am going through difficult times I can sent prayers to God but I just can't bring my self to be still and hear what he has to say to me.

  7. Linda,
    I really appreciate your honesty... Prayer is such a battle for me too. Thank you for dropping by my blog and sharing your encouragement with me. It means so much... I will uplift your father, and ask God to heal him. Bless you. e.