Saturday, October 3, 2009

Joy Challenge - Day 29 - Joy Quotes

"When was the last time you laughed for the sheer joy of your salvation? People are not attracted to somber doctrines. There is no persuasive power in a gloomy and morbid religion. Let the world see your joy and you won't be able to keep them away. To be filled with God is to be filled with joy."

"Where others see but the dawn coming over the hill, I see the soul of God shouting for joy."
William Blake

"Joy is not the absence of suffering. It is the presence of God."
Robert Schuller

"I believe God, through His Spirit, grants us love, joy, and peace no matter what is happening in our lives. As Christians, we shouldn't expect our joy to always feel like happiness, but instead recognize joy as inner security -- a safeness in our life with Christ."
Jill Briscoe

"This is the secret of joy. We shall no longer strive for our own way; but commit ourselves, easily and simply, to God's way, acquiesce in His will, and in so doing find our peace."
Evelyn Underhill


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  1. "Where others see but the dawn coming over the hill, I see the soul of God shouting for joy."
    William Blake

    Linda...I LOVE this quote! I'm going to jot it down after I finish this comment. It stirs something deep inside me.

    Thank you:)

  2. His joy bubbles over from this post to my heart! Thank you sweet friend.

    Dancing in His joy,
    Sarah Dawn

  3. Linda, you've no idea how much reading these quotes have lifted me up this morning. I was feeling discouraged and God used these for me...thank you!

  4. What wonderful quotes! Like Tammy, I was greatly encouraged as well. Sometimes the clouds move in, but reading truth dispells the them. Thank you so much!

  5. Linda,

    all of these speak light. in the last day, i've covered up my joy with the cloud of a wrong attitude.

    repentance cleansed me. your post graced me.

    thank you!

  6. I was going to say "Great Quotes", then I saw that Dawn already said that (o: Oh well.

  7. Just letting you know I have been lurking and enjoying your joy challenge...

    Happy new week
    Love, Jess

  8. And we know that the joy and peace that comes from knowing God and living in His presence is His gift to us.
    God Bless you, Linda~
    Have a beautiful week

  9. Amen!! "In His presence is fullness of joy!!"

  10. Thank you for spreading some joy! Lord knows this did my heart good today to stop in here.

    Come by and visit my other blog (

    Spreadin' a little joy of my own!

  11. Linda, these are all wonderful quotes and I agree completely. We, as Christians, ought to let our joy shine as brightly as we can and you are a great example of that.

    What a joy it's been to stop by this evening! ;)

  12. Your joy challenges make me smile. :)

  13. thanks Linda....

    needed this.


  14. I always love quotes, and these are great ones.