Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Joy Challenge - Day 33 - Poetry

A Stroll

A perfect day to meander
down a lonely country road.
The sky above a watery blue
The leaves all russet and gold.

No thought for the heavy burdens,
Or the things I've left undone.
No counting of the minutes,
Just a walk in the warmth of the sun.

Deliberate steps grow lighter,
A peace settles into my soul.
As He slips into step beside me
For an unhurried afternoon stroll.

Poetry prompt: We’ve been celebrating ’slowing.’ Make a “word pool” of at least five slow words. Yeah, I guess molasses counts. But verbs are good too. Create a poem using a minimum of one of your slow words, but feel free to use the whole pool. Post your poem by Thursday, October 22, for links and possible feature. Drop your post link in L.L.'s comment box so she doesn’t miss it.

My five words were: meander, pokey (which I didn't use), unhurried, deliberate and stroll



  1. "Pokey." That one made me smile. You definitely would have had a different poem then! Isn't it amazing how one or two words in a certain direction send us towards certain feelings?

    Yours slowed and soothed me. :)

  2. "Pokey" is my favorite, too. It's been a long time since I heard that one. My grandmother was the last one who used it around me.

  3. Did you write that poem? It is good (o:
    I feel sluggish today. I have a bladder infection and don't want to go to the Dr. Well,I also have 5 kids here.
    Turtleish...hee hee

  4. Wonderful post...pokey cracked me up, have not heard that word in a coon's age...

  5. I just keep thinking..."hokey-pokey"! :)

    But the last line really touched me. Such a lovely picture, Linda.

  6. Every day is a perfect day to meander down a lonely country road =D Delightful.

  7. "A walk in the warmth of the sun" and "As He slips into step beside me." The warmth of the Son, indeed. Nice.

  8. Lovely poem. "No counting of the minutes" - especially spoke to me.