Sunday, October 18, 2009

Joy Challenge - Day 32 - Front Porch Weather

Long before I bought my lap top, during the days when I was saving money in a little envelope, I dreamed about some day sitting on the front porch and writing. I got the new lap top months ago, but the weather continued to be far too hot to make sitting on the front porch pleasurable.

A cool front came through on Friday. We went from a hot, sticky 92 degrees on Thursday to temperatures in the 70's on Friday. At last, open windows with fresh breezes blowing through the house and a chance to sit on the front porch.

What joy! The sky is a cloudless blue, the grass is freshly cut (my husband worked for hours over two days to get it looking that way) and green (no longer dry and brown), the flowers are blooming, little butterflies are bouncing through the air, the branches of the old oaks are swaying gently in the breeze and I am quiet and still. There isn't another sound except the distant buzz of an airplane.

The cares and concerns of life haven't disappeared, but they have faded into the background. I have this precious moment, and my heart turns to Him. All that satisfies the soul comes from His open hand. He knows how to give His children good gifts. I am blessed.