Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Dung Beetle

I passed this little guy, hard at work, as I was walking the other day, and it reminded me of a post I wrote a couple of years ago. I thought I would re-post it today:

I have a penchant for seeing things in nature and then finding an analogy between that and my Christian walk. The Lord just speaks to my heart through the things I observe (and I seem to possess a rather vivid imagination).

However, I may be taking this analogy thing a bit far with this one. I can’t help myself. I have observed these little guys for years, and I am so impressed with their dedication to their work and their absolute determination to persevere. I speak of the Dung Beetle.

I see them so often when we are walking. In deference to those of us with more sensitive natures I won’t go into their purpose in life in great detail except to say that their sole objective is to rid the world of – well , you know – dung.

It is a rare day when I don’t see these little guys (and gals too I suppose) making their way laboriously across the road pushing a ball of (sorry) dung. Their round burden is usually at least twice as big as they are and usually much larger than that. Nothing seems to deter them from their goal of getting that “thing” to a place where they can bury it in the soil (which, by the way, is quite beneficial to the soil). They will stop for a moment if our steps bring us to close to them, but as soon as they determine there is no real threat they continue rolling along. It is just amazing. The burden seems so ridiculously large, and yet they continue on their way without as much as a sigh. The Lord has equipped them with the strength and stamina and heart to get the job done.

I look at those little beetles with absolute admiration. I can’t help but compare my attitude to theirs. When I am weighted down with a heavy burden, I have often been known to whine and complain. Why me? Why must I struggle with this? Please just take it away Lord.

If I listen carefully, I will hear the Lord whisper to my heart words of help and encouragement. He reminds me that He is with me – always – and that He has given me everything I need with which to keep going in the face of what seems like impossible odds. As I persevere, He comes along side and with His strong right hand helps me along. He just asks me to be faithful – to keep going just like that faithful little beetle.