Monday, November 9, 2009

Multitude Monday

"Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
I Thess. 5:18

With praise and thanksgiving:

- comfort in time of trouble

- the rock solid unchanging character of God - firm beneath my feet

- "Do not forget that you have a grandson in Albania also (if you allow me to say so) who loves you very much. Lots of kisses from the bottom of my heart! I am really proud of you!" - from a letter written to us by the sweet boy we've sponsored for several years now through World Vision. His letter brought tears of joy.

- a rainy sunday afternoon - perfect for curling up with a good book and a cup of tea

- a few trees whose leaves have turned a beautiful red (even here in South Texas!)

- a beautiful full moon hanging in the vast Texas sky, surrounded by numberless twinkling stars

- the power of love and a warm embrace

- joy in the midst of trials - laughter that bubbles up from the heart

- the changing of the seasons - a reminder to me of God's faithfulness

- the hope we have in Jesus; when I look at Him, all earthly cares dissolve.

To be part of the Gratitude Community, simply stop by Ann's and join us.



  1. Thanks Linda, its a gloomy Monday here.... and I am feeling some stress. I appreciate your blog so much. IF I check it on my phone it will not let me post a comment... I check it pretty often.

    The post about your dad.... I read while in the motel with Mandi (we visited her this weekend). I cried as I read. Enjoy... every moment you can with him... I know you do. It is hard seeing them decline. So he is in his 80's like my dad was. Was he in WWII? My dad was. I still miss him. Praying for you... and your parents.


  2. I grinned when I read the one about the trees with the red leaves. We have a few spotty leaves on trees here-and-there. They all look a bit sick versus being a full, glorious crimson, gold or burnt orange. I had to force myself to look past the diseased-looking spots yesterday. To revel in the miracle of the changing color...however minute and dirty it may seem. And for that I am so thankful.

  3. Sweet reminders of the blessings of little things. I see you sponsor a child through World Vision too! We have for many years and what a joy when you hear from them!

  4. Linda, your posts leave me with a full heart.

    I join you in all your thanksgivings...
    Thinking of you when I hear Texas weather...
    Thinking of you when I think of octogenarian fathers...
    Thinking of you here in the Gratitude Community~

    God bless your dear heart ♥

  5. This is such a nice place to visit. It's like stepping into the home of a good friend and sister in Christ. Texas must have a hard time containing your heart!


  6. Thank you Linda for some excellent reminders on what we have to be thankful for too!! :)

  7. Your lists are like beautiful poetry and praises to the Lord. I love to read your Multitude Monday posts. Have a joyful day in Jesus.

  8. dear linda...just coming from pea's blog to wish you a happy birthday..
    pea is the little bird that told everyone!
    god bless you...from terry[teresa]

    alas many great and godly blogs and so little time!

  9. Linda, your list blesses my socks off every. single. time. Thank you for sharing your heart~

    Have a wonderful, wonderful day!

  10. Many blessings abound. Thanks for reminding me.