Thursday, November 5, 2009

Redeemer / Lover

Redeemer / Lover

You took me in-
just as I was
Into your heart;
Into your home.
I, whose sin and shame
made me an outcast

I took your love
and trampled it underfoot,
Running back to my old ways
back to the sins that had me bound.
I broke your heart
and thought only of myself.

When I was at my worst
you came and redeemed me-
paid the price for my freedom -
I who was not worth
the least of your favor.

Your forgiveness and grace
filled my heart with love.
I, Gomer, am loved and redeemed.

L.L. says...Would you like to try writing a love poem, in character? Post your offering by 6:00 pm, Thursday November 5, for links and possible feature at Drop your post link here in the comment box so I don't miss it. Don't be shy! :)