Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Passionate Pursuit

We bought new shades for our bedroom windows when we first built our home, but I have yet to use them. I don't like that "closed-in" feeling. I like to be able to lie in bed and look out at the starry night, watch the rain beat against the windows, or see the sun rise in the early morning hours.

One morning I woke to see just one of the branches of our old oak tree shaking violently. I couldn't imagine what it was. On closer inspection I saw a little gray squirrel bravely making his way to the very end of the branch in search of acorns. He moved swiftly, grabbing an acorn and heading back the way he had come. At the base of the tree he buried his treasure and immediately ran back up the trunk to get another.

My seat at our kitchen table faces out onto the lawn where the huge oaks are, and I began to watch these little" nut gatherers" whenever I was sitting there. My admiration for them grew daily as I watched them diligently gather and store acorns...

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