Sunday, December 27, 2009



A dream set in motion
by heavenly word
A child to be born
she would one day call Lord.
A dream that invited
her heart to take wing,
Seeing the time all would
see Him as King.

Did she see in her dreams
from her small, humble home
A day when this Son would
stake claim to the throne?
Did she even imagine
the way of the cross,
The pain and the heartache,
the deep sense of loss?

Though it seemed like her dreams
had just slipped through her hands,
The Maker of dreams
had a far greater plan.
A dream far more glorious
than any she'd known,
A dream for the ages
to take us all Home.

I, too, have dreamed dreams
that I thought were His will,
And I've stood in the ruins,
shattered and still.
Yet He comes to assure me
that His dream is best
He asks, as He asked her,
to trust Him and rest.

This is my poem for the poetry prompt at L.L. Barkat's blog. Please visit her. She is amazing!


The Dallas contingent arrives tomorrow. I'll be busy for a few days. What fun! See you soon.


  1. "I've stood in the ruins, shattered and still." I like the ambiguity of that -- it could be the "I" who is shattered and still, or it could be the ruins. Or it could be both. Nice.

  2. stopping by to say hi. Hugs....

  3. Lovely poem. :) I hope you and your family had a great Christmas, my friend.


  4. Just got caught up
    love your poem
    Hope you had a wonderful Holiday sweet blogger friend

  5. What a beautiful poem, Linda!
    I will send this to my father who thinks so much of Mary. He will love it~

    In the glow of Christmas Light
    ~ Maria

  6. oh, you said it all so well
    blessing to you as you embrace family togetherness.

  7. Hope you had happy holidays...lots of love to you


  8. I have thought so much of Mary this Christmas. "The hopes and fears of all the years"-- met not just in Bethlehem, but in her own womb-- to mother God-- it's unspeakable. Beautiful poetry.

  9. Yet He comes to assure me

    love that part