Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Gift

On Monday I will be here - at Laced With Grace.

The Gift

The baby born that cloudless night
slept in a bed of hay;
The One for whom a thousand years
is but a single day.
The One who hung the stars in space
and formed us from the dust;
The Lord of all creation
had come to dwell with us.

His mother watched each tiny breath
with eyes of wondrous love;
Another watched with yearning heart
from heaven up above.
His mother dreamed of royal robes
and kingly crown one day;
The Other knew that pain and suffering
marked the baby's way.

It was a deep, miraculous love
that filled that tiny place;
Trusting hearts, a baby's gift
and a Father's perfect grace.
He looked through time and saw
each soul His precious Son would save;
With open hands and longing heart
the priceless gift He gave.