Sunday, February 14, 2010


Outside my window:
Blue skies and sunshine today - "beautimus!" (as my husband says)

I am listening to:
We're flipping back and forth between the Daytona 500 (him) and the Olympics (me).

I am wearing:
gray sweatpants, green shirt, bulky socks (my feet are always cold).

I am thankful for:
the sweet time we have had celebrating Valentine's Day; for family; for rains that have replenished the lakes, creeks and ponds; for friends; for answered prayer

I am pondering:
blogging; still talking the whole thing over with the Lord wanting to get it right this time

I am reading:
finishing up "Little Women" - new books waiting on the book shelf

From the kitchen:
We had our Valentine Dinner out last night (lobster tails, shrimp, scrumptious) so we'll have steak and salad tonight

I am thinking:
about getting balance in my life - sorting out the various things and prioritizing

I am creating:
granny square afghan - planning to work on it this evening

I am hoping and praying:
for safe travels home from Sri Lanka for our kids; protection for our daughter while she is in Paris; pleasant days for my parents

In the garden:
The only green leaves right now are the irises - they seem to be able to weather anything! Soon it will be time to prune and clean it all up.

Around the house:
we're thinking about new bookshelves (never can have enough)

One of my favorite things:
dark chocolate (from my Valentine)

A few plans for the week:
walks, start Pilates (again!), some shopping, Bible Study, choir, some writing

A picture (or two or three) thought I'm sharing:
Grandchildren overjoyed with their very first snow!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone,