Thursday, February 11, 2010

Unfinished Projects

I just finished a knitting project. As is always the case, I am eager to get started on something else. Rather than run to the knitting store to buy wool and a pattern, I decided to try to learn something new. Years ago I wanted to learn to do counted cross stitch. Never one to do things by half measure, I bought several beautiful kits. I am also one who tends to get a bit ahead of herself. When I looked at the complexity of the patterns, I got a bit discouraged and thought I would wait on the cross stitching for a little while.

Since my Mom is living nearby now, it seemed like a good time to dig them out and have her teach me how to get started. I found the box where I had packed away all my crafty things and was overwhelmed by what I found. To my utter shame, there were all sorts of half finished projects forlornly staring up at me. I had absolutely forgotten I even had some of them.

There was the little embroidered quilt. I got tired of it when I got to all the out-lining and set it aside for "a while."

This is the little granny square afghan I started crocheting more years ago than I care to remember.

There are quite a few squares waiting to be sewn together.

I don't even remember which baby this little embroidered picture was intended for. It only needs the name and date (the part I always find difficult).

Here are all the counted cross stitch kits.

I thought I would like to learn to do needle point and bought this beautiful pillow - not even started.

These are two crewel projects that I bought when my grown sons were little. I think they were just more than I cared to tackle after having done lots and lots of smaller crewel pictures.

These are two of the smaller crewel pictures (and yet another cross stitch one) I have yet to do.

There you have it - confessions of a world class procrastinator. As I think and pray about what to do with getting my blogging in some sort of proper perspective, I must consider all of this. They are, after all, things I have always loved doing (along with my writing). Time to get busy.