Tuesday, February 2, 2010


During the long season of drought, I promised myself that I would never, ever complain about rain again, and I meant it. I have kept that promise, but I will admit that a string of dark, dreary days can make me feel a little down.

We had had a particularly gloomy day - slate gray sky, cold wind, and rain. It was so dark we needed the lights on in the middle of the day. It was hard not to long for the sun to shine.

During the night the wind picked up, blowing away the clouds and moisture leaving blue skies and sunshine in their place. I was going about the usual morning routine, walking from the counter to the little table my husband had made many years ago with napkins and silverware when I was brought up short.

The smell of brewing coffee filled the air, the heater hummed making the kitchen warm and cozy, and a shaft of sunlight fell across the table. It was as though that gentle stream of light went straight to my heart warming it with the goodness of a Father who loves us so well.

The storms will come, but He is there. He promises to walk with us and to bring us through to greater blessing. There is always grace in the storm and sunlight on the other side.

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