Sunday, April 25, 2010

Adding a Stone

"In prayer we own Thee, Father, at our side,
Not always feel or taste Thee; and, 't is well,
So hour by hour, courageous faith is tried,
So, gladlier will the morn all mists dispel."
John Keble

"Sometimes we are disturbed because we have no devout feelings; but what we want is a devout will. We cannot always control the imagination, but we can always do that which is our duty carefully and patiently, with a view to pleasing God, and proving our love to Him. We may feel cold and mechanical, but we cannot fulfill our appointed duty without an exercise of the will, and therefore all duties diligently performed testify a desire to love, and prove our love."
H.L. Sidney Lear

A little while ago I wrote this post. Then the Father, with love that touches the deepest places of my heart, slipped this devotional into my morning. Over and over he faithfully, lovingly answers the questions of this doubting heart and draws me to Himself.

On this diamond of a sabbath day, I give thanks and place another stone in remembrance of His faithfulness.


picture: We took the short walk to the grocery store this beautiful morning and bought the "usual" - the newspaper and a my Sunday bouquet.


  1. Your flowers are very sweet and so is your post. Thanks for the nice comment at my place. I agree with your words in this post and the quotes...not sure what to say...but I like it.
    One time on a hike with girlies, I taught them to make a little mound of stones and remember our blessings. I need to work on that to make it an even better teaching tool to use with them.

  2. Just yesterday as I passed by my bouquet
    of lilacs atop the bookcase, I though it
    would be a lovely habit to purchase a
    bouquet of flowers weekly. I see that you
    do that as you get your newspaper on
    Sundays. Yours are just beautiful.
    He is always faithful to reassure us of
    His never-ending love, isn't He?
    Have a love-filled day,

  3. You get a bouquet every Sunday? How lovely! I have a beautiful bouquet of my spring flowers gracing my table today - so wonderful.

    I love the devotional that was there for you (and me, through you) at just the right time! Isn't it amazing how God does that for us??

  4. Amen He is faithful!!! I love your bouquet, it is beautiful!!

  5. That is a lovely tradition, a walk, a bouquet and the Sunday paper.

  6. Lovely flowers,Linda. I am sure they are brightening your Lord's Day. And those wonderful quotes are EXACTLY what I need to hear this day. Those thoughts you had on your linked post are so often mine. Thanks so much for this.

  7. Hi Linda! It's great you have made it a special part of your week to add flowers. They are such JOY. Yellow and pink are so pretty together*

    God always whispers to us, it's such a blessing to listen and receive His words. You listen well, Linda ♥

    *Blessings* Maria

  8. walks and gifts :-)

  9. I agree with L.L. , the diamond of a Sabbath day is lovely.

  10. Wonderful post! Beautiful flowers!

    It is an exercise of will--but my will is to do His will....always. And for Him to bend me to it when necessary.