Friday, April 23, 2010

One Done

Way back in February I wrote this post about all the unfinished projects I discovered packed away in boxes. I have been diligently working on the first one and finished it the other night. All that remains is to get a frame for it.

I won't bore you with all the frustrating mistakes I made on this first ever cross stitch project (I mean, really, who manages to get indelible ORANGE marker on their fabric?). Suffice it to say, it is not perfect. But I am happy with it, and enjoyed it enough to begin another one.

I find I have to sneak a little knitting in here and there. It just calls to me sometimes.

So without further ado - project number one:



  1. Linda, I think that is an absolutely
    darling piece. I really love it. I
    have been cross stitching for over
    twenty-five years and still love it
    as much today as I did the first time
    I stitched.

  2. Brilliant! It is lovely Linda, and that is one off the list!

  3. That is awesome Linda! I love it!

  4. That is so lovely, Linda, very pleased for you that you have done it, and it has come out so beautifully, and you will be looking forward to doing the next one.

  5. I love that little Amish scene. It looks great to me (o:
    Keep up the good work and have fun doing it.

  6. so very great!! a lot of work was put into that! =) good job!

  7. It is beautiful, Linda! I remember that post about all of those projects. This encourages me. So, it's not too late? :)

    Thank you, dear friend, for your sweet words after my difficult day. It means so much.

    luv you!

  8. There's something peaceful about cross stitch. This is a precious scene, love the colours.

    way to go on getting a project almost completed.