Monday, June 7, 2010

Multitude Monday - Changing My Attitude

It has been one of "those" days. Nothing has gone right - or more accurately - nothing has gone the way I would like it to go. I knew that I had a choice about my attitude, and I'm ashamed to confess I decided to just go ahead and wallow in my own misery.

After several hours of "wallowing" I found it difficult to ignore that gentle nudging - that still small voice that says, "Stop acting like a fool." So I thought I would write my gratitude post. I really struggled to get my attitude right, and then the words of this Tommy Walker song began playing in my head:

Thank You For Loving Me

What love the Father has lavished on us
That we should be called His sons and daughters
Precious in His sight
Greater love this world had never seen
When He hung on that tree
O why would He do such a thing
For dirty sinners like you and me?

O God thank You for loving me
When on the cross You made history
Lord You died for me
Forever my praise will go to Thee
O God thank You for choosing me
To be Your child and bear Your name
O Jesus I will never cease to sing Your praise

Verse 2:
Your love is patient and humble and kind
It's greater than all my sin
It always protects and trusts and hopes
And will have no end
It's Your love that lifted me up from the depths
Set my feet on a solid rock
With a firm place to stand
Lord I always will trust in Your loving hand

How wide how long
How high how deep
How endless is Your love for me
How wide how long
How high how deep
How endless is Your love for me

How can I be anything but grateful for such love?

I am also thankful for:

- friends that encourage and uplift (thank you Sandy)

- a Sunday afternoon spent with my daughter

- fresh peach cobbler

- dinner with new friends

- the unchanging character of the Father


for more gratitude posts, please visit Ann
(I'm feeling better already!)


  1. You are most welcome, dear Linda.
    Praising Him with you for your
    joyful and thankful heart!
    We are blessed!!
    Sandy :)

  2. LOVE the new quilt, Linda... and that song!! I've never heard it before, but wow-- what powerful lyrics! And I agree with you 100%... when we really stop to consider all He's done, how can anything but gratitude consume our thoughts?? Of course, sometimes-- I know-- it's easier said than done :) But still... He patiently waits and loves us anyway. What an *awesome* God is He!

  3. you put up a pretty new quilt patch.

    good gratitude :-)

  4. You just provided your friends with a sweet offering.

  5. Love the new quilt picture! I am glad to know that I'm not the only one who "wallows" at times - but isn't it good to be reminded of our blessings??

    Once again, good one!

  6. Hi Linda~

    ...and in this ever changing world...
    Thank You Lord ~ that You are Never Changing!

    Thank you Linda, for reminding us of this ...
    how often do I find myself adrift, when I can stand on that ROCK!

    Bless you, Linda!

  7. your honesty so refreshes, sweet linda. i too, need attitude adjustments (daily!)... then, i remember this movie of life features not me as the main actor, but HIM... i am a mere extra... he is the shining star. love to you, friend. xo

  8. I never fail to be encouraged and uplifted by your posts. Thank you, once again. :)

    Love & hugs,

  9. I really can relate to this, Linda. Isn't He so good to pick us up, and dust us off, so that we might go on rejoicing in Him! Blessings to you, dear!

  10. Great new quilt pictures
    sweet post and thoughts to ponder