Monday, June 21, 2010

Multitude Monday

"God commands us to be thankful because our gratitude is not based on whether we are enjoying life but on the realities of our lives in God; being filled with gratitude with who God is, for His Son, and for our salvation go deeper than any feelings drawn out of our experiences of pain or joy. Our thankful attitude is anchored in the assurances of our faith in Christ."
James MacDonald

They came to our house yesterday, Dad leaning on his cane carefully watching over Mom as she slowly negotiated the sidewalk leading to the front porch. She lifted the walker over the thresh-hold and with her sweet smile breathed a sigh of relief.

We settled them into the most comfortable chairs and chatted until the children and grandchildren arrived. The living room was full - of familiar voices all talking at once, of laughter, of love and a sense of deep gratitude. Gratitude for these precious ones who have all know a great deal of pain and suffering over the past few years, but who still find joy in this life.

My Dad looked worn - dialysis takes a toll, especially on a ninety year old body. He has walked through some very dark times, but he has come out the other side with a heart that still whispers "Thank you."

It is a legacy that has been passed down through the generations. I see it in my husband who, though not related to Dad by birth, lives out a patient gratitude in the most difficult of times. It is reflected in the young face of my son who is learning to live with M.S. and finds gratitude in the way God has used his life to minister to others. I see the seeds of it planted in the hearts of my grandchildren.

I am so thankful for the legacy of faith my parents and my husband's parents have given us. It is priceless treasure that has eternal value.

I also thankful for:

- early morning walks, the road lined with long shadows and gentle breezes wrapping around us

- that time of day when the sun is setting, the shadows are lengthening and stillness begins to settle over the land

- worship music ministering to our thirsty souls

- applauding wildly as dozens walk forward to ask Jesus into their hearts

- the kindness of strangers

- the skill and compassion of good doctors

- letters from dear friends

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picture taken at my parents' home on Mother's Day (I failed to take one yesterday!)