Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I have been walking the same little country road for more years than I like to admit. All those years ago, when I first began, this was my view as I covered ground as quickly as I could.

I walked with my head lowered, arms pumping, eyes cast downward. Then I read an article about the "proper" way to walk and realized I was doing it all wrong. I should have been walking with my head held high and my gaze fixed firmly ahead. Never being one to break the rules, I adjusted the attitude of my head.

I immediately noticed the difference. My posture was certainly much better, but that wasn't the real blessing. When I moved my gaze upward, I saw all the amazing things I had been missing.

- the sweet wild flowers perfectly color coordinated!

- the little splash of red perched high and singing his heart out

-the view of these rolling hills just before the road dips down

the big Texas sky

I have found the same thing to be true in my life. When my gaze is focused downward on the circumstances of life, my view is very narrowed. It is when I shift my gaze that a whole new vista opens, and I see the miracles all around me. It is more than just a view - it is the realization that the Father walks with me on this journey. There are difficult places to be sure, but when my eyes are on Him there is so much of beauty, peace and joy all around me.

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