Sunday, June 13, 2010

Simply Abiding

"Open wide every avenue of your being to receive the blessed influences your Divine Husbandman may bring to bear upon you. Bask in the sunshine of His love. Drink in the waters of His goodness. Keep your face upturned to Him. You need make no efforts to grow. But let your efforts instead be all concentrated on this, that you abide in the Vine."

Hannah Whitall Smith



Mommy Emily said...

oh linda.... your posts always speak to me... my friend actually recommended i read hannah's book recently... let's abide together, sweet sister.

grammy said...

very good words (o:
I went to Deeper Still this weekend
heard Beth Moore and Kay Author and Priscilla
I feel so much more centered
a breath of fresh air
just what I needed

Anonymous said...

really good words. thanks

Dawn said...

I need to re-read "The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life." It's been years. Thanks for the reminder.

I will ask you again - WHEN are you going to publish that devotional book??

May said...

Stopping by to say hi. May your day be filled happiness and peace.