Monday, June 14, 2010

Thankful For Him

Not much time for writing today, but I have a few minutes before we run out again and I need to do this Gratitude Post. Today is my husband's birthday. I have known him since I was in grade school. He is an amazing man and the very best of friends.

He spent his birthday morning and part of the afternoon taking my Dad to the hospital for yet another test. It is totally in character for him to have done such a thing. He typifies "servant's heart" for me.

He gives of his time, his resources, his knowledge and skills, his talent (boy can he sing!) and his tender heart without reserve.

All of that, and he's not half bad looking!

Three children, seven grandchildren, forty-three years of marriage - and it really does just get better and better. I am truly blessed and thankful.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Steve! I do believe he and Dwight were cut from the same cloth! We are blessed.

  2. oh Linda... how wonderful to still be so in love after all these years!

  3. People like you should be studied for the keys to longterm successful marriage. :-)

  4. Wonderful, Linda. True love never
    dies, it only grows sweeter.