Friday, July 30, 2010

The Gift of This Day

It is one of those rare days when we have nowhere we have to go and nothing pressing that must be done. I love these days. They stretch before me with all sorts of pleasant possibilities.

After breakfast this morning, we went for a walk with our walking buddies - the couple who lives just around the corner. We begin the walk together, for a few brief moments, and then the men take off - walking way ahead of us. We have walked many miles together over the years and covered even more ground in our conversations. They are precious times for me - for she is a friend who always points me to Him. We talked today about their trip to the Holy Land, marveling at the miracle of it all.

When we got home, I decided to ignore the thick layer of dust on the furniture and the lint on the carpets. Instead I talked to my Mom on the phone, wrote a letter to a friend, practiced piano and read some blogs. There are potatoes boiling on the stove in preparation for some homemade potato salad. And I still have a few hours before supper. I will work on my Bible Study, do our workout with my husband and perhaps I'll sit and read for a little while or work on my counted cross stitch project.

I am feeling decidedly rich. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank You for this day Father.