Friday, July 30, 2010

The Gift of This Day

It is one of those rare days when we have nowhere we have to go and nothing pressing that must be done. I love these days. They stretch before me with all sorts of pleasant possibilities.

After breakfast this morning, we went for a walk with our walking buddies - the couple who lives just around the corner. We begin the walk together, for a few brief moments, and then the men take off - walking way ahead of us. We have walked many miles together over the years and covered even more ground in our conversations. They are precious times for me - for she is a friend who always points me to Him. We talked today about their trip to the Holy Land, marveling at the miracle of it all.

When we got home, I decided to ignore the thick layer of dust on the furniture and the lint on the carpets. Instead I talked to my Mom on the phone, wrote a letter to a friend, practiced piano and read some blogs. There are potatoes boiling on the stove in preparation for some homemade potato salad. And I still have a few hours before supper. I will work on my Bible Study, do our workout with my husband and perhaps I'll sit and read for a little while or work on my counted cross stitch project.

I am feeling decidedly rich. I am blessed beyond measure. Thank You for this day Father.



  1. Perfect. Aside from a yucky dental appointment, mine has been similar. Except I SHOULD be doing some phone calls that I'm putting off. Hot here today! Well, hot for us.

  2. oh, so thrilled you had one of these days.
    rich indeed.
    thanks for sharing, for taking along....
    for considering that you could bless with these simple but never taken for granted joy.

  3. I'm so glad you were able to have
    such a wonderful day, Linda. It sounds
    like all of you enjoyed yourselves.
    Friendships and simple pleasures enrich
    our lives so much--and cross stitching!

  4. smiles. sounds like a beautiful day...hope you have a wonderful weekend as well...thanks for the warm comment over at jumping tandem...

  5. What a fantastic day! Those are my favorites. And I love it when I can turn my nose up at the dust that has a way of invading our homes.

  6. Now that sounds like the best kind of day! How fun to talk with your friend about the Holy Land... what an amazing place to see! Hope you have a nice peaceful weekend too! :)


  7. I long for more days such as this! They seem to be fewer and farther between... but I suppose that helps me to enjoy them and cherish the moments in them so much more when they do come.

    SO glad you had this day. Sounds lovely...