Thursday, July 29, 2010

Prayer (imperfect prose)


When the day is softly waking
to the touch of warming sun.
When the dark is closing round me
it is at these times I come:
to the place of new beginnings
where all is joy and light
to the One who is my safety
throughout the darkest night

When I'm filled with guilt and sorrow
and I'm feeling so alone.
When my soul is tired and aching
it is at these times I come:
to the place of full assurance
where all is peace and rest
to the One who never changes
lay my head upon His breast.

When the heavens seem to echo
with my cry of deep despair.
When it seems He is not listening
is it true He does not care?
Is my faith too weak for answers?
Is my sin too great to cleanse?
Has He tuned His back in anger?
Has His love come to an end?

When the questions have no answers
and I want to turn and run.
When I raise my voice in anger,
it is then that I must come:
to the One whose ways are wiser
to the One whose ways are best
to the One who never changes
lay my head upon His breast.

This is my contribution to Emily's imperfect prose. Come visit.



  1. This is wonderful. The visual image so tender that no matter how far away He seems truly He is close by so I can "lay my head upon His breast."

  2. wow - did you rhyme this - it sounds like a song

  3. Linda, What an encouraging reminder of the One who is wise, who is waiting, who is the Way.

    Beautiful, truly.

  4. I love this poem Linda. It is such a comfort to read and so beautifully written.
    You bless with the gift of your words.

  5. this made my soul weep. i love it. thank you, dear linda...

  6. it is the place, is.

  7. He so very tenderly loves us ... your words are wonderful.

  8. This was absolutely beautiful and touched me deep in my heart, Linda! Thank you for sharing it.

  9. stay with your faith,
    you will be fine,

    creative words.
    love the timeless sky image!

  10. Thank you Linda for wonderful words about such a friend we have.