Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kindness of Strangers

It was her very first outing. Weeks earlier she had fallen while getting dressed. She said she knew on the way down it was going to be bad. It was. Her leg was broken in two places. After surgery, a hospital stay and weeks in a rehab facility, my usually upbeat, energetic 86 year old mother was weary and feeling rather down.

When we suggested going out to dinner, she readily agreed. She was using a walker by this time and felt strong enough to negotiate the walk from the car to the restaurant. We all piled into cars and headed out to her favorite Italian restaurant.

She did really well. We sat around a big table and put hospitals and physical therapy on the back burner for a little while.

When it was time to leave, Mom very slowly made her way to the exit. The restaurant was getting crowded by this time, and she had to carefully negotiate her way around the people waiting for tables. As we approached the doors, I tried to get ahead of her to hold them open. There were two teenage girls coming in, and I wanted to get there quickly so they wouldn't have to wait.

Before I could get around my Mom, they opened the door and stood back to wait for her to make her way out. It seemed to take forever, but those sweet girls stood quietly, smiling encouragement.

It was a special moment for me. The kindness of strangers is an unexpected blessing. The fact that they were teenagers somehow made it even more so.

This is my moment for Tuesdays Unwrapped at Emily's.



  1. so glad that your Mother is doing better.

    and the kindness of strangers never fails to make my day.
    I hope I remember to be a kind stranger enough,
    my children too of course.

    I'll bet your Mother loved that it was teens as well.

  2. what a fragrant moment, linda... i'm so glad you got to get out with your sweet mama. you're such a good daughter.

  3. We're always surprised when it happens -- and it happens more than we expect.

  4. I have been moved to tears by the
    kindness of strangers. This is so
    wonderful to hear. Glad your dear
    mother was willing and able to go
    out. Bless those girls for being
    so kind as this blessed all of you.

  5. For kindness, can there be more praise? It gives so much and we overlook it too readily.

  6. I can feel the blessing of the moment in your words.

  7. your story is a treat to my heart.

    nice photo.

  8. What a great story! Glad it was such a happy time together.

  9. No doubt... special moments.

  10. At those times when it seems like the smallest courtesy, the smallest kindness really couldn't make that much difference...reading something assures me that it does. Whatsoever you do unto the least of these...

    Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  11. Beautiful post, Linda. And a great lesson.

  12. Hi Linda!
    Isn't it something when these 'angels' are here, in our presence!

    My father is also 86 {in Sept} and still wants to be independent, but he is tottery...
    I always pray there are 'angels' around him too!

    When people come forward, from out of the blue to help ... it IS so amazing...and as Sandy wrote...can bring me to tears!
    Blessings to you always... my 'northeast' friend ♥

  13. So glad she is up and about
    I think I would expect it more from boys than girls...Kudos to them
    hope she keeps feeling better (o: