Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Little; His Much

they found Him there
sitting in quiet country solitude.
they brought the lame, the blind,
the crippled, the dumb,
laid them at His feet.
He healed them all.

three days
they stayed.
He poured Himself out
so that they might know
the One who had sent Him.

He looked with compassionate eyes,
saw their need
in the face of the long journey home.
wanting to provide
He asked His disciples what they had.

It was but little
seven loaves, a few small fish
He took it and
fed thousands
with some left over.

He is a miracle worker.
with Him all things
are possible.
sometimes He asks me
to give what little I have
that He might make
it much.

(Matthew 15:29-39)

I am participating in Emily's imperfect prose.