Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Little; His Much

they found Him there
sitting in quiet country solitude.
they brought the lame, the blind,
the crippled, the dumb,
laid them at His feet.
He healed them all.

three days
they stayed.
He poured Himself out
so that they might know
the One who had sent Him.

He looked with compassionate eyes,
saw their need
in the face of the long journey home.
wanting to provide
He asked His disciples what they had.

It was but little
seven loaves, a few small fish
He took it and
fed thousands
with some left over.

He is a miracle worker.
with Him all things
are possible.
sometimes He asks me
to give what little I have
that He might make
it much.

(Matthew 15:29-39)

I am participating in Emily's imperfect prose.



  1. this is just right.

  2. a little does make much.

    perfect , Linda.

  3. this makes me cry. i commented on your other post, thinking you'd linked it up to the community, but i see you have the button here. thanks linda. it's so beautiful. xo

  4. So beautiful, so true. Thank you.

  5. This is so beautiful, Linda. One of my favorite parts of this story is how he tells the people to sit down before he says the blessing. Don't you just know that sometimes your going to be knocked off your feet by what He does? Nice of Him to prepare a girl :)

    I trust you are doing well, sweet friend. I'm thinking of you.

  6. thank you so much for this, linda!

  7. Beautiful, wonderful truth in
    these words today. You always
    encourage me.

  8. Love it. Especially the last stanza.

  9. Oh Linda I LOVE ♥ this...
    How special ~ I want to print this and keep it in my Bible ...
    {I have some favorites that I love rereading}

    The title of your poem is so perfect.
    What a sweet and gentle heart you have, Linda~
    ~ You are precious in His sight~


  10. Little is much when God is in it - a favorite old song well said by you today.

  11. So glad your visit led me here ... how well He feeds us.

  12. One of my favorite accounts, and yet I need to be reminded of it so frequently. Your words reminded me beautifully.

  13. Always a wonder that we can just give him the little we have - and it looks sometimes so worthless and so insignificant - and he takes it and makes something beautiful and worthy out of it - thanks so much for your beautiful writing!