Monday, July 19, 2010

His Voice

"And your ears will hear a word behind you, 'This is the way, walk in it,' whenever you turn to the left or right."
Isaiah 30:21

Whenever I am tempted to think the Lord doesn't speak to me, to think that somehow it only happens to those who are the most spiritual among us, He reminds me that He has no favorites. We are all His beloved children.

I am a world-class procrastinator. There have been spells when I thought perhaps I was getting a handle on this unfortunate tendency, but inevitably I find myself slipping back into the old habit of putting things off.

One of those things, in recent months, has been letter writing. We sponsor two children through World Vision, and I am hopelessly behind in corresponding with them. Day after day I tell myself to get it done and day after day I put it off. The days become weeks and the weeks have multiplied into months. I know that once I sit down to do it, I will wonder why on earth I put it off for so long.

I also have an unfortunate tendency to put these "small" things into a mental folder labeled - "not urgent." I assure myself that I will get to it soon and that it really isn't such a big deal. However, I cannot seem to quiet that still, small voice that says I am not being obedient.

Today, while eating lunch, I was reading a little devotional by the late Ruth Graham. Suddenly the still, small voice rose to a deafening roar as I read her words:

"Amid the pressures of today, the increasing global turmoil...we who are Christians must be alert to the needs of others. Is there a letter we could write? A simple deed of kindness that we should do? An encouraging word to give to someone who is desperate to hear? Time that we ought to take to listen...
Opportunities to help others allow us to show genuine love, to earn the right to be heard, so that we can tell them about Jesus Christ."

I am thankful that the Lord never gives up on me, and that He will speak a word word behind me when I am not walking in the way I should go.

I am also thankful for:

- the little things my Mom crafts with such love; they bring beauty and warmth to our home

(a little pillow and a sachet she made and filled with lavender from her garden)

- the laughter shared by a grandfather and grandson

- things that make me smile - the century plant finally keeled over. It was tilted at such a precarious angle, we knew it was inevitable. The rain finally did it in, washing enough soil away to tip it over.

- rain! After the long drought, I will never take it for granted. It is such a blessing to have good rains this year. Everything is so green.

I am joining the rest of the Gratitude Community at Ann's - giving thanks.