Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Wind

sitting at the breakfast table
I gaze out the window
looking for evidence that
it is here
all is still

then a slight movement
in the trees
the leaves begin to stir
and I wait

sip coffee and watch
boughs bend
grasses undulate
flowers dance
it is here

I step outside
knowing the walk
will be easier

I wake in the morning
looking for evidence
that You are here
all is still

I see You in the
face of a loved one
feel You in a
warm embrace
hear You in the words
of love and encouragement

I sense your presence
in explicable peace
feel Your touch
when I kneel
to pray

I step into the day
knowing the walk
will be easier



  1. you write Him. i find Him here. xo

  2. ...and the walk is indeed easier when we listen for His voice and feel His presence ~ in the wind ~ and all around~

    such true words, Linda~ so beautifully written for our hearts to hear.

    smiles to you, dear friend,
    * Maria

  3. I do enjoy the way you flow your words and your insights ...

  4. Funny, the stillness would tell us "You are here" more than the noise and the activity. How true that is. Thank you for this reminder Linda.

  5. I don't know how many more ways I can it - just beautiful, friend!