Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Little Sales Pitch

Some of you know that we have had our property on the market for a very long time. Our situation is unique in that when the little town we live in incorporated they zoned certain areas as commercial property. In doing so, they zoned our two acres and our next-door neighbor's four acres as C3 commercial. That means that any business could build on our land.

In recent years a large shopping center, Home Depot, banks, grocery store and numerous other businesses have been built just one door down from us. We no longer really feel at home here. Our little place in the country has changed dramatically!

We are actually selling just the property, and originally thought that someone would buy it, tear down the house and build a business here. However, since we added a mother-in-law apartment several years ago our Real Estate Agent is also marketing it as a place where a home-based business would do very well.

I just thought I would put a few pictures up here on the chance that someone reading my blog might be interested. We are located a bit north of San Antonio, Texas.

In any case, we would appreciate your prayers that the Lord would send us a buyer.
Thanks so much.



  1. You have a beautiful home! Praying that God will send you the right buyer and that all will go smoothly.

    ~ ~

  2. Ah... encroaching suburbia. It does knock out a little privacy from the picture. Looks like a wonderful home that would work well for the right buyer. Prayerful thoughts in this regard.

  3. What a terrible situation... I am so sorry Linda! I can understand why you would no longer feel at home. You have a beautiful home. I will be praying that the right buyer comes along soon! :)


  4. What a lovely place - I remember this was just beginning when we first "met" here in cyberspace. What a long journey it has been so far. It must feel like a violation of your space. I know He has a plan, though! Waiting is so hard.

  5. oh Linda, it's so beautiful. i will join you in praying, friend. don't give up. if our house could sell, yours can too. i believe this.


  6. So much beautiful light in your home ... some which you carry with you wherever you go.