Monday, August 2, 2010

A Grateful Heart

It's Monday, the day we gather at Ann's and share the things that fill our hearts with gratitude. I had thought I would opt out. I confess that my heart has not been filled with gratitude today. It has been preoccupied with self. There are things that are weighing me down. One is this business of trying to sell our property. It has suddenly become so heavy.

Then I looked again at the pictures of our home and read the comments. If that weren't enough, I read this post at Jennifer's. I realized how blessed I am and how foolish to dwell on the negative. The weight I've been carrying is made up of discontent and self-pity - a heavy load. It is time to lay down the burden and be thankful for the blessings:

- a home that is comfortable and cozy and filled with precious memories

- the abundant provision of a faithful God

- a wonderful vacation in our future

- time spent with new friends

- encouragement, just when I needed it most

- piano lessons - so much fun

- special talks with my daughter

- Mom and Dad doing well

- peaceful walks

- sufficient rain

- the comfort in His word