Monday, August 2, 2010

A Grateful Heart

It's Monday, the day we gather at Ann's and share the things that fill our hearts with gratitude. I had thought I would opt out. I confess that my heart has not been filled with gratitude today. It has been preoccupied with self. There are things that are weighing me down. One is this business of trying to sell our property. It has suddenly become so heavy.

Then I looked again at the pictures of our home and read the comments. If that weren't enough, I read this post at Jennifer's. I realized how blessed I am and how foolish to dwell on the negative. The weight I've been carrying is made up of discontent and self-pity - a heavy load. It is time to lay down the burden and be thankful for the blessings:

- a home that is comfortable and cozy and filled with precious memories

- the abundant provision of a faithful God

- a wonderful vacation in our future

- time spent with new friends

- encouragement, just when I needed it most

- piano lessons - so much fun

- special talks with my daughter

- Mom and Dad doing well

- peaceful walks

- sufficient rain

- the comfort in His word



  1. Yes! There is ALWAYS something to be
    thankful for if we just open our eyes.
    The Lord is so good! Rejoicing with
    you, Linda!

  2. Simply divine!

    Your heart overflows with gratitude.

    I appreciate you
    and your words
    and these reminders of the daily work
    of God
    in the big things
    and the little things.

  3. Oh Linda, you are so precious. I am glad you were able to find the joy amidst your heavy heart. It is hard to sell a home with so many memories. I will remember you in my prayers, friend.

  4. oh, Linda, i'm sorry for your heavy heart... i pray alongside you, believe with you. don't give up, friend. He is good. He loves to give good gifts. xo

  5. i had my pout today too.

  6. Susie of S.Etole told me I'd like your blog--she was right.
    I too am facing the selling of our home--it's time do so, but it's bittersweet and at times downright stressful.
    But I also have much to be thankful for, such as having my husband back under the same roof (separation due to job). Keeping focused on the good --I work at that.

  7. Sending you a big ol' cyber hug , Linda.

    This isn't easy , I can't imagine,
    praying it all comes to a close very very soon.

  8. Not just "talks with daughter" but "special talks" with daughter!

  9. Hi Linda!
    Yes we do have so much for which to be grateful!
    You are a blessing in our lives...for this too I am grateful!
    Wishing you light and cool breezes to lift the heaviness of selling and moving.
    It's difficult not to keep thinking about "when this part is over" but then I remember not to wish life away...
    I know you are finding joys along the way ♥

  10. Thank you Gretchen. I appreciate your visits and your kind words.

  11. Dear Linda,
    What a wonderful parents have been struggling with selling their home...they are 87 and it is much too big for them. They finally have a peace about it...if it is in God's will...then it will happen. If not, well they are finally content to stay there. We don't always understand God's plans for we just trust and obey.
    Thanks for sharing...I love your blog.
    God bless,

  12. I have had a heavy heart this week as well, in spite of having Kevin home. There's just so much "stuff" in life and this morning I was thinking I would love to be 10 years down the road for just a few minutes and look back to see that things have worked out. But maybe that wouldn't be a good thing, because then I'd see the other "stuff" coming up and wouldn't have the courage to face it! God is so much wiser than we are!!

  13. A grateful heart lightens the load a great deal ... you seem to have a lovely one.

  14. Piano lessons! Definitely something to be filled up about. I love the piano. :)

  15. Oh, Linda-- I've been out of town for several days, but now I'm back and thankful for the opportunity to catch up on all I've missed. You know, I don't think I ever realized that you were trying to relocate. Please know that I will surely pray for God's perfect timing and for His perfect provision. His way is always best... and I will pray that that's exactly what you get!

    Blessings to you today, dear friend, and prayers for peace and strength and comfort and joy through it all!

    p.s. I love your new header!

  16. I'm with Heather - I'm embarrassed to say I didn't realize you were trying to sell your home. We have five on our street right now that are on the market, so thank goodness we're not trying to sell but they tell us to expect at least two years when we do. So I'll begin to pray for a buyer for your home. The perfect one at the perfect time. I've been self-teaching myself piano, having fun with the little bit I'm able to play and excited to start real lessons in September - isn't it fun to be learning something new!