Monday, August 16, 2010

Multitude Monday

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought,
and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Sometimes, when Monday rolls around, I think "I don't have anything special to add to my list this week, so I won't participate in the Gratitude Community this time." I walk around and feel a bit uncomfortable as a little voice prods me with memories of all that He has done:

- a birthday celebration for my Mom - 87 years of blessing to everyone who has had the joy of knowing her

- protection for my son - when he got a nasty shock while doing some electrical work

- safe travels for my daughter

- a night of incredible ministry

- volunteer work

- an afternoon shower

- the joy that comes from doing the thing I love to do, and encouraging words from friends

- delicious corn on the cob (with lots of butter!)

- a great sale on things we needed

- the underlying current of mercy, grace and love that flows through my life because of Jesus



  1. Hello Linda, my first time here. Just want to say, I love your out look on life. God bless you from one Kingdom kid to the other.

  2. what a cool quote...

  3. Love the quote and used it myself
    a few Gratitude Lists ago.
    See? When we stop and remember
    we find we ALWAYS have so much
    to give thanks for! Loved your

  4. Oh, how I love that quote, Linda!! Happy belated birthday to your mom, and blessings to you for a glorious week ahead!

  5. I love reading your gratitude list...

    I love reading here...


  6. Seems to me that you have a good list going here!

  7. I too love that quote!
    It's amazing how once we put our mind and heart to the task, we really can find a lot for which to be thankful! You came up with a lot of good stuff.

  8. Lots of things to be grateful here beginning with your quote.

  9. It takes some thinking sometimes, though, doesn't it? We get so caught up in the "stuff" of life. Thanks for the reminder.

  10. it's when we start ... we realize oh my , who knew?

  11. good lesson for us all
    just start thanking
    and the words will keep coming

  12. i know, hey? sometimes it takes that gentle prodding, that digging deep, and then, whoosh! an outpouring of gratitude for the littlest of things--like corn on the cob, which i love :) your comment so encouraged me today, linda. it seems my poetry blooms with pain. isn't this so, always? pain--the greatest of fertilizers. love you, e.

  13. so good to remind ourselves of God's support on the road...