Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jack (Zoom)

This is Jack. He lives just up the road "a piece," and I pass by his house when I go for my walk. Several goats used to live there too, but Jack is all alone these days. I think he is feeling rather lonely.

When the goats were there, he pretty much ignored me when I walked by and shouted out a cheery "Hi Jack!" He was the one in charge and was quite independent. However loneliness took a toll, and he began to acknowledge my presence.

One day I pulled up a handful of long grass growing along the side of the road and offered him a little snack. He munched it right down, apparently savoring the addition to his usual diet of hay. Thus began a little routine of Jack walking along the fence-line when he saw me coming, waiting for his snack.

If ever I was lost in thought and walked by without stopping, I would be startled out of my reverie by the loudest braying you have ever heard. That miniature donkey was not about to be ignored.

Jack has modeled something I have been pondering in recent months. Seeking and persevering. He has understood that I can give him something he cannot get for himself, and he waits patiently for me to provide it. If I seem to forget, he loudly, persistently reminds me that he needs it.

The Lord has told me to seek Him. He alone has everything that I need. He is always there, unchanging and faithful. It is up to me to go to Him. There may be times when it seems He has passed me by, but He has told me to be persistent in prayer. He hears and answers prayer.

If I, flawed and weak in so many ways, care enough about a little donkey to stop and gather grass or carry an apple in my pocket to give him, how much more does my heavenly Father care for me?

This picture of Jack is my contribution to Claire's prompt Zoom.
The devotional is my contribution to Emily's tuesdays unwrapped.



  1. Dear Linda,
    What an amazing analogy...so true...so poignant. Our Father tells us to merely ask...and He is always there for us.
    Thank you for reminding us of this.

  2. beautiful beautiful story , Linda/
    I love animal connections, and it doesn't surprise me that Jack is smitten with you.

  3. I love parables!
    This is a beaut, Linda.

  4. jack is sooo cute!

    i love your story, thanks linda.

  5. i LOVE this. especially the "zoom" part :) i love how you always zoom in on what God is doing... xo

  6. Love that picture...a face only a mother (and all of the rest of us) could love (o:

    and of course you bring it all back to HIM

  7. this picture is TOO fun! I love it. :)

  8. I love your writing Linda! Beautiful! And Jack is so sweet! :)

  9. Hi Linda~
    Thank you so much for starting my day with this wonderful parable.
    It reminds me of a dear, sweet white horse, named Lucy...that used to live down the road. She was our "neighborhood greeter" and everyone felt her "welcoming" look!
    She would wait by the fence and look at everyone who came along... by foot or by car.
    Blessings and Grace ♥

  10. LOVE the picture! And I love how you see everything through a lens that gives us encouragement, wisdom, hope. You have such a gift!

  11. Awwww Jack is so darling and how wonderful that he now looks forward to your visits:-) A wonderful analogy as well. Hope you're having a wonderful week my friend. xoxo

  12. your writing style is so relaxed. i immediately want to skip a way down to see what is going to happen.

    thank you for writing and sharing like this.

    the photo is adorable.

  13. Curious, is he merely waiting for his snack (what he cannot get for himself), or awaiting for your presence as well?

    You outdid yourself on this one. Great post!

  14. A very fun photo. Your words are lovely encouragement of our Father's caring nature.