Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"One Thousand Gifts"

Today Ann's book, "One Thousand Gifts" goes on sale in the Kindle edition (the book will be released in January). I am so excited for her, I can hardly contain myself. There is an excerpt from the first chapter here. It is as lyrically beautiful as I knew it would be - moving and inspirational.

I have known Ann for several years now. She is indeed a very special, gifted young woman. Her deep humility and passionate love for the Lord have been such a blessing to me. She lives out her faith, shares from her heart and always, always calls me to a deeper, higher place.

My prayer for her is that the Father will use this book in a powerful way. I know that every word was written with a heart turned toward Him. I pray He will go before her as this book makes its way into the hands and hearts of those who desperately need to hear the story of grace.

All the details for ordering the Kindle edition are here. If you have never met Ann, you are in for a rare treat. She is a precious soul.