Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Yearning to belong
Changing to fit in
Longing to hear praises
Finding worth therein

Growing into wisdom
Learning of true worth
Found in His approval
Came with my new birth.

This is my poem for the Random Acts of Poetry prompt at The High Calling.
I am also linking to Emily's imperfect prose (you must read her post - it is so beautiful)



  1. True worth ... in Him ... oh, yes.

  2. Wow, Linda. What a gift. You are so right. Our only place of approval or worth is in Christ only. Thanks for the blessing.

  3. So hard not to want human approval. I'm wanting that growth that gets out of that rut.

  4. I really like that. I am afraid to say as an adult I still long to fit in....not like when I was younger...but O don't think it ever really goes away totally.

  5. i'm caught somewhere your verses, too much like the first, longing to be the second.

  6. Of course you must know how I struggle with this one too, Linda! I love the way you've divided it into two stanzas--like two pieces of your life. And the last--knowing it's his approval that matters.

    I hope you are well. The cold is getting to me here! I find I am hibernating a bit and leaving the blog behind.

    Love to you.

  7. the line that caught me was learning true worth...its what i needed...smiles.

  8. i have many of those same feelings and you have written it so well...

  9. my old jeans is where i would like to fit in.

  10. short and perfectly to the heart of it and the heart of the cure...i linked to both emily and high calling with the same poem too:)

    thanks for sharing:)

  11. I imagine that you are too hard on yourself.
    I know I can be :)

  12. Hi Linda! What wonderful poems you've been writing. I enjoy your words, like prayers they make my soul lighter.

    Thank you so much for leaving a comment for Marcy. She will treasure each and every one!
    *bless you always*

  13. I just now read Nance's remark and am giggling. Me too, Nance, me too!

    Linda, you'll see when you read the footnote to my post that I struggle with approval. I think reading this first helped me to go ahead and write what God had put on my heart two days ago to write. So thank you for this.
    You helped me.

  14. Printing this out, Linda, as it was clearly written just for me!! Thank you~

  15. Constant struggle. Thanks for the reminder.

  16. beautiful linda....yes, our worth is found only in Him who loves us so....
    and it is something we have to learn, for sure. we spend part of a lifetime looking for worth in all the wrong places...once we find it with Him, there is nothing greater...

  17. As usual, wonderful. I know you think I could do poetry, but my mind simply does not work that way!

  18. oh linda, this is beautiful.

    you touch deep. i long, i long, to know who i am in him. and slowly, it's starting to be all that matters. maybe this is the pearl? the treasure hidden deep, we are to seek? love you...

  19. I keep hoping that someday I will get over this need to seek out the approval of others. I'm guessing that will be a life long struggle...