Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Crow

This is my "contribution" to Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday. Hop on over to her place and join in the fun.

I heard him before I saw him. He sounded like a duck and so I looked into the sky to see if I could see him. Nothing. But perched on top of the telephone pole was a huge crow.

I could hardly believe it. Crows don't live here in my little south Texas town. Grackles, yes - but not crows. I looked closer to see if perhaps it was a turkey vulture after all. However it was definitely a crow. Amazing!

I saw him again a few days later. He looked so lonely. I couldn't imagine how he happened to turn up here. Had he taken a wrong turn somewhere during a migration south? Do crows migrate? I don't think so.

He sounded so mournful, cawing plaintively from his perch on yet another telephone pole. My neighbor said she had seen him too when she was out walking. Perhaps he was longing for some company - a friendly face to point him toward home.

I saw him again this morning. He flew overhead before taking up his usual position. I confess, I tried cawing back. I don't think I did a very convincing "caw."