Monday, January 3, 2011

Looking Back With Thanks

As my children have grown and left home, I have packed up their books for them to take with them. There are a few, though, that I could hardly bear to part with. So I bought copies for myself. One of them is this little gem written by Jane Werner Watson and illustrated by my favorite children's illustrator Eloise Wilkin. Her pictures fill me with such warmth. They are home and family and love all crafted in such beautiful detail.

This wee book says much of what I am thankful for. Here is just a sampling:

"God gives us everything we need - shelter from cold and wind and rain, clothes to wear and food to eat.
God gives us flowers, the songs of birds, the laughter of brooks, the deep song of the sea.
He gives us a small, still voice in our hearts to help us tell wrong from right.
God gives us hopes and wishes and dreams, plans for our grown-up years ahead.
He gives us memories of yesterdays, so that happy times and people we love we can keep with us always in our hearts.

That sums it up very nicely for me today. As I begin a new year, a backward glance assures me that He is all that I need. He is my Sufficiency, my Provider, my Healer, my Redeemer, my Restorer, my Help, my Shelter, my Comfort, my Peace, my Hope, my life.
And I am filled with gratitude.

Joining the Gratitude Community at Ann's today.



  1. Dear Linda,
    We have this same book...from when our boys were small...along with several others that I just can't part with. So simple...yet so convicting.

    "Let the little ones come to Me.."

  2. So special that you saved and packed these books up for them. I remember coming across my favorite book of fairy tales from childhood when I was in my 30's. Oh, how the memories flooded in. What a great mom you are.

  3. I also love that book and the pictures (o:
    so precious (o:
    I like your word for the New Year...
    it is a challenge in our life still to be quiet and hear the still Small voice.

  4. Love this book. We have it in several versions, the classic golden book and a board book perfect for chubby fingers.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I too keep books like that one. It's a blessing to have them for the grandchildren knowing that the book was their daddy's or mommy's.
    The words are simple, yet profound. This is a good reminder to us all as we begin this new year.

  6. Like you, I packed up all the books that belonged to my sons and gave them to them when they were settled in their own homes and some were very hard to part with since they held so many memories. Every night...a bedtime story until little eyes were closed in sleep...cuddled in a chair together reading page after page out loud....oh how I miss those days:-) xoxo

  7. Your faith in God inspires me. I think I've chosen the word "peace" for this year.

  8. I wish I had read this when I was small. We didn't have many books growing up--none that I can remember, except maybe a children's Bible and a set of Childcraft Encyclopedias my mom ordered--I felt like I had gone to heaven. So I made sure my girls had plenty. And now I have a special box where I collect books for my grandchildren yet to be born. I want to make sure they know this beautiful God who loves them. Thank you for sharing! Blessings.

  9. Those little Golden books were just the best ...

  10. oh, I remember this book!!
    I don't know why or from where.
    Thank you for this. Oh my.

  11. I had that book when I was little and my kids grew up with it too! Love that little Golden Book.