Friday, January 28, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Women

I am joining Lisa-Jo today for her "Five Minute Friday".
Ready, set, go:

The difference between men and women was never more apparent than during a conversation I was having with my husband. He had been talking for weeks about the great guy he was working with. He would fill me in each evening on all the things they were doing at work and how enjoyable it was working with him.

One evening I asked if the guy was married. He just gave me a blank look. "Does he have children?" More crickets chirping....
I couldn't believe he had spent all that time with this man and didn't know anything personal about him.

I think of my own interactions with other women and see the wide gulf that separates we girls from the boys. I don't think it takes more than a few minutes before we know each others marital status. We exchange information about children and by the time the conversation is coming to a close we have begun to share on a deeper level.

I have come away from conversations with women I have just met casually and will probably never see again with more information than my husband gleaned in weeks of working with his friend.


Five minutes go by so quickly!

picture: me and my precious friends



  1. There is friendship on so many levels.

    Enjoyed your Five Minutes.

  2. I left a comment earlier, but my computer went wonky,
    so I'm back and look!! You've been busy.

    I agree with your observations, absolutely.

  3. So true. I know more about the personal life of the teacher who doesn't like me just from having the same lunch time as she does, than my hubby knew about the men he had a good raport with and with whom he worked closely.

    Lovely, happy picture.

    Pretty new header too.

  4. *hee*

    that makes me laugh. it's so true! you're a darling lady, Linda. thank you for being my friend.

  5. My husband would know what kind of car or truck the man had and what size
    When I use to take my kids to swim lessons...and you would sit in the bleachers for 30 minutes for two weeks.... i made friends for life....and I knew where they adopted their children from and why.. (o: